Commonwealth Rip Rap Replacement Project and Hurricane Harvey Update

After receiving four bids, First Colony LID 2 has signed a contract with low bidder, Harper Brothers Construction, to replace the existing concrete rip rap and other miscellaneous rock at the Pendleton, Trent, Warwick, Knightsbridge, and St. Michaels culvert crossings along Commonwealth Boulevard.  Starting on Wednesday, November 29, they will begin replacing the existing rock with limestone to improve the erosion control at each location while creating a more consistent look along Commonwealth. The entire project is scheduled to take 45 days. During construction, portions of Commonwealth and the cross streets (single lanes) could be temporarily closed.  Below is a sample of the limestone that will be installed.

In response to Hurricane Harvey, the Board continues to work with the District Engineer, Jones|Carter, and Operator, LID Solutions, to evaluate ways to reduce the risk of flooding by increasing the District’s response and resiliency during these extreme events. Based on the updated Capital Improvements Plan (CIP), the Board has authorized the Engineer to design and bid the installation of a third stormwater pump and the replacement of the existing backup generator and miscellaneous controls at the pump station. The proposed improvements will increase the District’s pump capacity and enhance the District’s response time and operation during events. The design phase, with agency approvals, could take up to 4 months with an anticipated construction start in Spring/Summer of 2018.

We will continue to provide progress updates on all projects on our website. If you have any questions you can contact us through

Thank You for Your Support

The First Colony Levee Improvement District #2 Board of Directors wish to thank the residents of The Commonwealth for their gracious support during the Hurricane Harvey flood event. Your words of encouragement and food and drink provided to our workers were greatly appreciated. It really helped boost the spirits of the guys who were working 12 hours on and 12 hours off and unable to leave the
pump station because Houston flooding prevented them from returning to their personal homes.

We would also like to thank the Women’s Club of The Commonwealth. The ladies collected around 300 in gift cards and presented them to us. We were overwhelmed by this kind consideration and we were very appreciative of the sentiments. Thank you all so very much! We have decided to take all of those gift cards and donate them to a wounded veteran’s group called Impact A Hero. The local chapter was founded 14 years ago and provides funds and moral support to severely wounded veterans that, to this day, are still coming back from the war in Afghanistan. The Impact a Hero board visits the Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio each year at Christmas to bring cheer to the vets and their families. The gift cards are perfect for the families and the cash will be used to purchase toys for the children. We attempted to do our best to protect our community and now your thank you gifts will be given to some military veterans who worked to protect our nation.

Thanks again for your support to our District workers. We are always trying to get better and your support means a lot to the Board of Directors and to our contractors.

Ron Frerich