South Levee Raising

On January 11, FBCLID 2 started Phase 1 of a construction project to increase the height of their South Levee. The FBCLID 2 South Levee is also the northern boundary of Commonwealth and First Colony Levee Improvement District No. 2.

Phase 1 of the South Levee Raising project will end before reaching the homes on Greenlaw Street. The current construction plans stop just short of that area where the levee is close to backyard fences. Dump trucks will still exit through this area to Knightsbridge Blvd., but the contractor will not be actively raising the levee behind the homes on Greenlaw Street as part of the Phase I project. The contractor has already started construction behind the homes on Kirkwall Drive, but these properties are much further from the levee.

Phase II of the South Levee Raising project will be bid as a separate contract later this year. FBCLID 2 will complete South Levee raising behind the homes on Greenlaw Street and continue through Knightsbridge Blvd., Regents Park, and end at Commonwealth Blvd. FBCLID 2 does not have plans to raise these road crossings over the levee.

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