First Colony Levee Improvement District No. 2 of Fort Bend County, Texas (the “District”) was created by an Order of the Commissioners Court of Fort Bend County, Texas on October 7, 1985. The District includes 615 acres of land within The Commonwealth subdivision in the First Colony area of Sugar Land, Texas.

Levee and Drainage Improvements

The District maintains a levee around the western, eastern and southern boundaries of the District to protect the land in the District from the floodwaters of the Brazos River. The levee protecting the northern boundary of the District is maintained by Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 2, which is a separate levee district.

The District also maintains the detention ponds and drainage channels within the District and has a large pumping station near Alcorn Lake in the southwest portion of the District to pump any flood waters collecting within the District into the Brazos River. The District has contracted with The Commonwealth Civic Association, Inc. to mow and maintain the aesthetics of most of the detention and drainage areas within the District.


The District is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of three (3) individuals who are residents of the District. The Board meets once a month at 12:00pm noon on the first Tuesday of each month inside the district at 4330 Knightsbridge Boulevard, Sugar Land, Texas 77479. All meetings of the Board are open to the public, and the public is invited to attend.