Flood Insurance

The Commonwealth is protected by a levee system that places it outside of the 100-year flood plain according to FEMA’s current National Flood Insurance Maps.  First Colony Levee Improvement District No. 2 (the “District”) manages this levee system.

The District’s facilities are designed and maintained to keep houses within the District from flooding during a 100-year storm event and, as witnessed during Hurricane Harvey, even a greater storm event in certain situations.

Nevertheless, the District cannot insure that an unforeseen event even worse than Hurricane Harvey will not threaten the District in the future, and the Board of Directors of the District encourages each resident of The Commonwealth to obtain and maintain flood insurance.  Flood insurance may be obtained through your insurance agent.  Because The Commonwealth is not located in the 100-year flood plain, flood insurance is presently available at a cost of approximately $450/year.

All of the members of the Board of Directors, who live in the District have flood insurance on their houses and encourage you to obtain flood insurance too.

Please consult your insurance agent for details.