Recent Feral Hog Infestation

Due to the recent feral hog infestation on the District’s levee and in the Commonwealth subdivision, the District, along with neighboring Levee Improvement Districts, have installed a wild hog perimeter fence along our joint levee system.

However, we are still faced with a small group of hogs that remain stranded inside the perimeter. They are entering the Commonwealth subdivision on a regular basis and root up our R.O.W.s, landscape reserves, levee slopes, and residents’ yards.

The District is working with contractors to install an iron fence in the Stockbridge Pond green space. This additional fence will decrease access of feral hogs within the perimeter to the subdivision and protect the residents from hog damage and/or injuries.

The District also plans to install landscaping around the iron fence to maintain the aesthetics of the Commonwealth. Thank you for your cooperation.