District Update – August 28 at 10:00pm

Over the past 48 hours the District has received over 20 inches of rain while the Brazos River continues to rise. This is causing us to run our pump station since the Brazos River is restricting our ability to drain without pumps. As the rain continues to fall we could experience rainfall intensities that could exceed the rate of our pumping capacities. During these times, you could start seeing water pond in the streets from the storm sewer system that is tied into the lake system. Please be aware, this water ponding in the streets is due to the localize rain that fails directly on the District that is being pumped out and is not a sign of a levee failure or breach. 

The District is continuing to staff the pump station and run the pumps during this event. We will continue to pump during this event until the lake level recedes to normal levels. Based on the forecast, this could be for several more days.