FCLID 2 – Tropical Storm Nicholas Weather Update 9/13/21

FCLID 2 is monitoring Tropical Storm Nicholas which is expected to bring the potential for a heavy rainfall event and flash flood threat this evening through Wednesday for SE TX.  Based on National Weather Service local predictions, the heaviest rain is predicted to occur between Monday evening into Tuesday night.  Rainfall amounts will average from 10-20 inches but isolated areas may receive up to 20 inches.  Fortunately the Brazos River is at a low level that does not impact drainage within the FCLID2 levee.

LID Solutions, the District’s Operator,  has completed all the necessary and required preparations for Tropical Storm Nicholas as determined by the District’s approved Emergency Action Plan.

Monitoring of the forecast along with local rainfall amounts will continue for the duration of the storm. All District owned flood fighting equipment is in place, tested, and  operating correctly.

As a reminder to all residents, please keep your storm drains and curbs clear of debris that may slow street drainage.

We encourage residents to continue to monitor forecasts for the area and follow trusted weather sources for information, recommendations and changes to the forecast.  (Houston/Galveston National Weather Service and West Gulf River Forecast Center)