Voluntary Evacuation

The Fort Bend County Judge has asked that all residents who have evacuated NOT return to their homes until absolutely necessary–preferably after the Labor Day holiday. The reason for his request is that the Brazos River is still rising, there is a lot of street flooding, and the LID and other local governments are still involved in flood-fighting activities. The sun is out, however the LID has ordered additional pumps, fuel and sandbags which must be delivered on large vehicles that will have difficulty accessing the subdivision if they must navigate around cars stranded by high water.

Please note, this is not an indication that there is anything wrong with the levee—it is an access issue and a region-wide access issue. There are still lots of roads which are impassible and the County Judge is concerned that if everyone tries to return to their homes in the next few days it will further complicate the rescue/recovery/flood-fighting activities on a County-wide level.

UPDATED at 10:13am: The National Weather Service has just reduced their estimated crest of the Brazos River at the Richmond Gauge from 57.5 feet to 56 feet; however it is projected to remain at a major flood stage until next Tuesday.

Thank you for your continued cooperation!