Stormwater Pump Station Expansion

First Colony Levee Improvement District No. 2 has authorized Jones|Carter (JC) to begin design of the Stormwater Pump Station Expansion. The expansion project will add a 3rd pump to the existing station, with additional pumping capacity of 22,000 gpm. The additional pump will be located in a separate wet well and will be lower than the existing pumps. This will improve the overall performance of the pumps by allowing the District to begin pumping operations earlier and at a higher capacity than the existing system currently allows. The improvements will also allow for the ability to efficiently test the pumps on a regular basis.

Additionally, the project proposes to upgrade the existing generator with a new 450 kW natural gas generator and add an additional 450 kW diesel generator for backup. The electrical controls will be upgraded with the addition of the 3rd pump and will be moved inside the storage building. The outfall from Alcorn Lake to the pump station will be replaced with a larger storm sewer to reduce the time it takes to gravity drain the lake and to provide the capacity necessary to run the pumps. The project is estimated to bid late summer and start construction in Fall 2018. Construction is estimated to be complete prior to the height of hurricane season 2019.

Be Gator Safe

Dear Residents,

The time of year when alligators become more active and prevalent in the waterways in and around our neighborhood is approaching. Please be aware and refer to the following information from the City of Sugar Land and Texas Parks & Wildlife for additional information and who to contact should there be a nuisance gator.

Thank you,